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Asurion Insurance
Main address: 648 Grassmere Park Suite 300 37211 Nashville TN
Alltel Wireless 1-888-723-3360 AT&T 1-888-5, ,
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Paying way too much for insurance on my phone almost 15 bucks then pay 175 as deductible to get a phone that looked to be used by someone and then you get the cheap china charger off of amazon and the headphones! Rip off but fast service. Add comment

  • Jun 23
  • Advertisements and Cons
  • Fraudulent Charge
  • 17

I had the same fraud on my B of A credit card, fortunately I called the bank, who put me on joint call with Asurion, and these people were very helpful, they claimed they were issuing report to fraud department and that the person who had signed up with card--whose first name they gave me--would be prosecuted. But I have no idea what they would've said had I not been on conference call with my... Read more

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  • Jun 17
  • Cellular Phone
  • New York, New York
  • Cell Phone
  • 29

My phone was stolen and I put in my insurance claim, asurion gives me a hard time ,then they ask me to submitt an affidavit and send copy of my license ans a copy of my bill, I did that ,call them and they tell me I have to wait 24 hrs, for an adjuster to review my claim, I explain to them I need my phone for work and I also was in the process of planin a funeral for my sister that just passed,... Read more

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Everyone cancel there insurance with asurion 170 deductible come on after having the insurance 3 yrs.... Canceled Add comment

  • Jun 06
  • Cellular Phone
  • Bad Insurance
  • 29

Submitted a claim, got an email back, we'll let you know in 24 hours about the status of the claim. Nothing happens. Go to the web site to check the status week later, but no status, they instead want me to start from the beginning. Chat with rep online, they don't know what the problem with the system was and definitely do not want to talk about it. Ok, claim done, you'll see the phone in three... Read more

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  • Jun 01
  • Finances
  • Houston, Texas
  • Replacement Phone
  • 31

I received my replacement phone and put my broken Galaxy S4 in a blue post office box. Two months later I am getting emails talkin about I owe $433 for unreturned equipment . They did an investigation and now they are telling me that the phone was taken somewhere and cut on. However they don't know who cut it on. Why wouldn't they tell them the phone is stolen and cut it off. They are still... Read more

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  • May 24
  • Cellular Phone
  • Raleigh, North Carolina
  • Cell Phone Insurance
  • 21

I received my "new" phone after an insurance claim and the battery will not last 8 hrs. The previous phone I had would last 18 hrs without a charge. The replacement i received via asurion will only last 6- 8 hrs max without a charge. Asurion is horrible! i have dealt with them after the claim and they were of no help with the lack of battery life. they are horrible! I wish that verizon... Read more

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  • May 21
  • Cellular Phone
  • Newton, New Jersey
  • Property Damage Repair
  • 33

I submitted my claim to Asurion Insurance for a replacement Samsung Galaxy III. Process went smoothly, even though a little miffed at the $100 deductible. I effectively bought my replacement 1+X over through my premiums and deductible. OK, I can get past the insurance rip-off if a workable phone was sent in replacement. The one they sent to me was flawed on several levels of software. Had... Read more

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  • May 16
  • Cellular Phone
  • Dallas, Texas
  • Iphone Insurance
  • 32

My son's cell phone screen cracked. I took the phone to the AT&T store to ask them to file the claim on my behalf since they had been trained on how to file Asurion claims. Two months later, I still had not received the phone replacement so I called the office. Asurion stated the claim was closed because I did not call them back. I stated that the claim was filed properly and what additional... Read more

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  • May 15
  • Finances
  • Birmingham, England
  • Stolen Cell Phone
  • 32

My phone was stolen from my desk whilst I was interviewing a person. I rang up Virgin and they put me through to Asurion. I said I didn't know when the phone may have been taken and I went to the loo at 11am,my door is locked with keycode entry in my office; however a summary judgement not to honour the replacement of the phone was made. Hence I have asked for a transcript of my call. The advisor... Read more

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